Hi, I’m Gudrun

I studied psychology at the university of Braunschweig and I am your specialist for changing behaviour. When you work with me, it will not be a short distance run, but a marathon, because you learned to live with your current behaviour for many years.
After my university degree I started working in the field of traffic psychological therapy which is unique in Germany. We prepare drivers who drink and drive or take drugs and drive for their Medical-Psychological assessment/ test.
This work always includes a behavioural change, because these drivers have to learn to solve daily stressful situations for example all of a sudden without alcohol. We are not talking of addicted people, but of people who misused alcohol and can stop or reduce their amount without withdrawals symptoms.

When you are for example feeling low of energy, feeling overwhelmed by a situation, drink in the evenings to calm yourself down or would like to change some other behaviour I might be the psychologist to get in touch with. Our work will not be a sprint but a marathon, because you have learned this behaviour over years.

Did you have at some point of you life have a New Year‘s resolution? Many might have had the idea of going to a gym to lose some weight. How long did your intention to attend the gym last? Many of my clients tell me that they attended it about three to four times and then they paid for it without training,
That is where I come in. If you have tried to change a behaviour unsuccessfully, please feel free to get in touch with us so that we can start working together.

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"Well, I am coming back to you, because last time your coaching unfolded fully six months later. Do you have any capacities?" "Yes, I have capacities."

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